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University of Liverpool Intl College Foundation Year

University of Liverpool Intl College Foundation Year

Liverpool International College is based on the University of Liverpool campus and teaches foundation year programs for international students looking to study a bachelor’s or postgraduate degree at the University. Students who successfully complete their foundation year course to the required level are guaranteed a place on a degree at University of Liverpool in a wide range of subjects, including business, law, social sciences, science and engineering


Why Choose University of Liverpool?

Established in 1881, the University of Liverpool is one of the UK’s oldest civic universities with a proud history of academic achievement. The university is a member of the Russell Group. It ranked 137th in the world, 29th in the UK.

University of Liverpool is the original ‘redbrick’ university with a long history of achievement

City of Liverpool is a famous student city in the UK. It’s also home of the Beatles and Liverpool and Everton Football Clubs.

Foundation Program Options for University of Liverpool

Please click on name of the foundation stream for details

Foundation Certificate in Science and Engineering leads to these Bachelor's Degree Programs at University of Liverpool

BSc (Hons) Chemistry
MChem Chemistry
MChem Chemistry with Nanotechnology
MChem Chemistry with Pharmacology
MChem Chemistry with Research in Industry
BSc (Hons) Chemistry with a Year in Industry
BSc (Hons) Environment Science
BSc (Hons) Geography
BSc (Hons) Medicinal Chemistry
BSc (Hons) Ocean Sciences - Chemistry Route
BEng (Hons) Aerospace Engineering
MEng (Hons) Aerospace Engineering
BEng (Hons) Aerospace Engineering with Pilot Studies
MEng (Hons) Aerospace Engineering with Pilot Studies
BSc (Hons) Artificial Intelligence
BSc (Hons) Artificial Intelligence with a Year in Industry
BEng (Hons) Avionic Systems
MEng (Hons) Avionic Systems
BEng (Hons) Avionic Systems with Pilot Studies
MEng (Hons) Avionic Systems with Pilot Studies
BEng (Hons) Civil Engineering
MEng (Hons) Civil Engineering
MEng (Hons) Civil and Structural Engineering
BSc (Hons) Computer Science
MEng (Hons) Computer Science
BSc (Hons) Computer Science with a Year in Industry
BSc (Hons) Computer Information System
BSc (Hons) Computer Information System with a Year in Industry
BEng (Hons) Computer Science and Electronic Engineering
MEng (Hons) Computer Science and Electronic Engineering
BSc (Hons) Computing with a year in Industry
BEng (Hons) Electrical Engineering
BEng (Hons) Electrical Engineering and Electronics
MEng (Hons) Electrical Engineering and Electronics
BEng (Hons) Electronics
MEng (Hons) Electronics
BEng (Hons) Electronic and Communication Engineering
MEng (Hons) Electronic and Communication Engineering
BSc (Hons) Electronic Commerce Computing
BSc (Hons) Electronic Commerce Computing with a Year in Industry
BEng (Hons) Engineering
MEng (Hons) Engineering
BEng (Hons) Engineering with Product Design
MEng (Hons) Engineering with Product Design
BSc (Hons) Internet Computing
BSc (Hons) Internet Computing with a Year in Industry
BSc(Hons) Mathematics and Computer Science
BEng (Hons) Mechanical and Materials Engineering
MEng (Hons) Mechanical and Materials Engineering
BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering
MEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering
BEng (Hons) Mechatronics and Robotic Systems
MEng (Hons) Mechatronics and Robotic Systems
BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering with Business
MEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering with Business
BEng (Hons) Medical Electronics and Instrumentation
MEng (Hons) Medical Electronics and Instrumentation
BSc (Hons) Software Development
BSc (Hons) Software Development with a Year in Industry
BSc (Hons) Anatomy and Human Biology
BSc (Hons) Biochemistry
BSc (Hons) Biochemistry with a Year in Industry/Research (4 years)
BSc (Hons) Biological and Medical Sciences
BSc (Hons) Biological Sciences
BSc (Hons) Biology with a Year in Industry/Research (4 years)
BSc (Hons) Bioveterinary Science
BSc (Hons) Combined Honours Science
BSc (Hons) Ecology and Environment
BSc (Hons) Evolutionary Anthropology
BSc (Hons) Genetics
BSc (Hons) Genetics with a Year in Industry/Research (4 years)
BSc (Hons) Geography
BSc (Hons) Marine Biology
BSc (Hons) Microbial Biotechnology
BSc (Hons) Microbiology
BSc (Hons) Molecular Biology
BSc (Hons) Molecular Biology with a Year in Industry/Research (4 years)
BSc (Hons) Ocean Sciences - Biological Sciences Pathway
BSc (Hons) Pharmacology
BSc (Hons) Physiology
BSc (Hons) Psychology
BSc (Hons) Tropical Disease Biology
BSc (Hons) Zoology
MPhys Astrophysics
BSc (Hons) Mathematics
MMath (Hons) Mathematics
MMath Mathematical Physics
BSc (Hons) Mathematics with Education
BSc (Hons) Physics
MPhys Physics
BSc (Joint Hons) Physics and Mathematics
BSc (Hons) Physics for New Technology
BSc (Hons) Physics with Astronomy
BSc (Hons) Physics with Medical Applications
BSc (Hons) Physics with Nuclear Science
BSc (Hons) Physics with Ocean and Climate Studies
BSc (Hons) Pure Mathematics
MPhys (Hons) Theoretical Physics
BSc (Hons) Archaeology
BSc (Hons) Geography
BSc (Hons) Geology
MESci (Hons) Geology
MESci (Hons) Geology (North America)
MESci (Hons) Geology and Geophysics
BSc (Hons) Geology and Physical Geography
MESci (Hons) Geology and Physical Geography
BSc (Hons) Geophysics (Geology)
MESci (Hons) Geophysics (North America)
BSc (Hons) Geophysics (Physics)
BSc (Hons) Mathematics with Ocean and Climate Studies
BSc (Hons) Oceans and Climate and Physical Geography
BSc (Hons) Ocean Sciences - Earth Sciences Pathway

Foundation Certificate in Business, Law and Social Sciences leads to these Bachelor's Degree Programs at University of Liverpool

BA (Hons) Accounting and Finance
BA (Hons) Business Economics
BA (Hons) Business Studies
BA (Hons) Business Studies with a Year in Industry
BA (Hons) Communication and Business Studies
BSc (Hons) Economics
BSc (Hons) E-Finance
BSc (Hons) Economic and Mathematics
BA (Hons) International Business
BA (Hons) Marketing
BA (Hons) Ancient History and Archaeology
BA (Hons) Archaeology
BA (Hons) Archaeology of Ancient Civilisations
BA (Hons) Classical Studies
BA (Hons) Classics
BA (Hons) Combined Honours (Arts)
BA (Hons) Combined Honours (SES)
BA(Hons) Communication, Media & Popular Music
BA (Hons) Joint Honours Communication and Business Studies
BA (Hons) Comparative American Studies
BA (Hons) Criminology and Sociology
BA (Hons) Eygptology
BA (Hons) Environment and Planning
BA (Hons) Film Studies and a Modern Foreign Language
BA (Hons) Geography
BSc (Hons) Geography
BA (Hons) Hispanic Studies
BA (Hons) International Politics and Policy
BA (Hons) Irish Studies
BA (Hons) Joint Hons Geography and Archaeology
BA (Hons) Joint Honours Philosophy and Politics
BA (Hons) Latin American Studies
BA (Hons) Latin American Studies and Hispanic Studies
LLB (Hons) Law
LLB (Hons) Law with Accounting and Finance
LLB (Hons) Law with Business Studies
LLB (Hons) Law with Criminology
LLB (Hons) Law with Philosophy
BA (Hons) Music / Popular Music
BA (Hons) Philosophy
BA (Hons) Politics
BA (Hons) Joint Honours Politics and Communication Studies
BSc (Hons) Psychology
BA (Hons) Sociology
BA (Hons) Sociology and Social Policy
MPlan Town and Regional Planning
BA (Hons) Urban Regeneration and Planning
BSc (Hons) Mathematics and Business Studies
BSc (Hons) Mathematics with Finance
BA (Hons) Mathematics and Philosophy
BSc (Hons) Mathematics and Statistics

For more details about Foundation Year structure, intake dates, fees, accommodation and Liverpool International College (for University Of Liverpool), please contact us. Free hardcopy prospectus is avaible, too. If you are in Singapore, you can obtain a copy at JACK StudyAbroad office.

Official Representative in Singapore

If you are considering Liverpool International College (for University Of Liverpool), please contact JACK StudyAbroad – the institution’s official representative in Singapore. We are trained to provide counselling and reliable service and advice to international students on behalf of the institution. Services provided are Free of Charge for eligible students in Singapore.

Representative: JACK StudyAbroad
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