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Guide to Foundation Year

When & How to Apply

If You have Already Obtained N/O/A Level or Diploma…
Check the intake dates above – you should apply as soon as you can!
If You are Sitting O/A Level Exams in 2013…
You can use your O/A level prelim / forecast result to apply now for January 2014 intake. Don’t wait until obtaining the actual O level result – it would be too late then!

You will be able to progress to an University…

Which Universities Teach / Accept Foundation Year

Most universities in the UK, Australia and New Zealand recognize foundation year and accept foundation year graduates onto their undergraduate courses, except University of Oxford, Cambridge, UCL, LSE and Imperial College. (There’s actually one foundation year student accepted by University of Cambridge in 2011. read more.)

Many universities design their own foundation year programs. In our…

What to Study in Foundation Year?

Compare to A Level, the Foundation Year program is a shorter (one year) course, which is more targeted and focused. Instead of studying three or four areas, it allows students to focus on one or two subjects enabling a deeper understanding of these areas of study.

Foundation Year program consists of core academic modules and a choice of different subject routes (streams), each carefully…

Should I Study Foundation Year?

Compare to A Level, the Foundation Year course is a shorter (one year) course, which is more targeted and focused. It allows you to focus on one or two subjects which are directly related to your dream university major. Foundation Year students usually are guaranteed a place at the partner universities.

Foundation Year program is suitable for you if you –

just graduate from Secondary…

What is a Foundation Year Program?

The University Foundation Year is a one year program for international students that ensures a student meet the entry requirements for a British University bacehlor’s degree course. Based on the A Level syllabus, the Foundation Year provides a bridge between international high school and study at a UK university. You receive a good grounding in your chosen subjects, as well as study skills and…

Free Service for Singapore

Funded by institutions, our application service is free for all students in Singapore. Please call us for an appointment.
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